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Space Clearing

What is Space Clearing

Space Clearing is an ancient healing art dating back at least three thousand years. Space Clearing will restore a vibrant flow of energy to your home or office and eliminate any stagnant and unwelcome energetic debris left over from the emotional upsets that may have occurred in your space. These so-called “negative energies” disrupt your space, decrease creativity, increase anxiety, and make your home feel less hospitable. We will clear the unwelcome energies from your space, leaving your home feeling light, fresh, and exciting!

holistic space clearing

My Services

In my Space Clearing practice, I integrate several complementary healing modalities to achieve optimum balance and health for you. I work with the energies of the body to expand holistic healing to meet the health goals of the client. An integral part of your health is keeping the spaces in which you live and work as vibrant and love-filled as possible!

I have enjoyed much success with Space Clearing homes and offices. Afterwards, the space feels so much lighter, inviting, and just downright good! After we have cleared homes that have sat for sale, within the next week to four weeks, they sold! This means faster results, happier clients, and more success for you!


My rates are per the size of the space and are extremely affordable so that everyone can enjoy this service!

  • $150 for 1999 sq ft or less
  • $200 for 2000 sqft- 2999
  • $250 for 3000 sq ft – 3999
  • $300 for 4000 sq ft- 4999
  • 5000 sqft plus negotiable, starting at $350

*** There is an extra $50 – $200 charge for cleansing outside property.

If you are interested in my Space Clearning service, or have any questions, please email me at Long.HarmonyFarms@gmail.com.

Classes Information

Teacher :

Steve Long

Next Classes :

First-Degree Reiki: June 22/23 2024

Location :

3901 Barrett Dr. Suite 205
Raleigh, NC 27609

Pricing :

  • First Degree Reiki, $250
  • Second Degree Reiki, $300
  • Master Degree Reiki, $900
  • Tibetan Chakra Toning: $100

Services Information

Individual Appointments:

  • Energy Medicine Healing/Counseling:
    $120/hr first session includes a free 30-minute evaluation
    Most sessions are 1 hour.
  • Natural Life Path Counseling: $120/hr
  • Combo: $200/2-hr session; $20 extra for each subsequent 15 mins
  • Space Clearing (Click for details.)