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Discover the Healing Power of Reiki, Chakra Toning, Energy Medicine, and Natural Life Style Path
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Steve Long.

About Me

Your Whole-Body Wellness Guide

I’m Steve Long, and I’m passionate about guiding you on your journey towards whole-body wellness. With over 25 years of experience in Reiki and Energy Medicine, I offer a compassionate and personalized approach to healing.

I know I can help you find your own joy on YOUR PATH, and it would be my honor to assist you! Let’s unlock the power of spirit and universal energy to help you find balance and achieve your best self.

Steve Long

Years as Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master

Classes & Workshops

Classes Ranging From
Beginner to Advanced


Services Include
Training, Counseling, and Speaking

Pricing Plans



Energy Medicine Healing/Counseling

$120 per hour first session
(includes a FREE 30-min. evaluation)
Most sessions are 1 hour.


$200 per 2-hour session
$20 extra for each subsequent 15 mins

Space Clearing

  • $150 for 1999 sq ft or less
  • $200 for 2000 sqft- 2999
  • $250 for 3000 sq ft – 3999
  • $300 for 4000 sq ft- 4999
  • 5000 sqft plus negotiable, starting at $350

Why Choose SoulSpace Holistic Health

Programs & Outcomes

Reiki Classes

Learn Reiki techniques to heal yourself and others, fostering a deeper understanding of universal energy.

Tibetan Chakra Toning

Align your energy centers and enhance your overall well-being through the power of sound healing.

Energy Medicine

Experience holistic treatments that strengthen your energy field, promoting health and harmony.

Reiki benefits

Natural Life Path Consulting

Discover your soul's purpose and integrate it into your daily life for greater clarity, peace, and joy.

Space Clearing

Cleanse your environment of negative energies, creating a lighter, more vibrant space for personal growth.

Educational Speaking

Learn key aspects of a holistic lifestyle from Steve and Nancy through "The Pillars of the Natural Lifestyle Path".

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Pillars of the Natural Lifestyle Path

Pillars of the Natural Lifestyle Path

All Healing Begins with Deep Sleep! A little humor helps set off those relaxing endorphins, reducing stress and enabling deeper sleep ☺. The same principle applies to exercising, as it relieves stress, clears your mind, and sweating releases toxins from your body…

My Path Into Healing

My Path Into Healing

My path into Healing began immediately upon birth. I know that I am very blessed to be in a good family, especially my mom who is a very, very special person who is loved and admired by many people. I’ve come to believe she is an angel on earth…